Friday, May 22, 2009

first close bear of the year

HOW exciting, I was on my way up the dome road (driving) and saw a good size black bear, He (I am sure) was by someones little cabin as we drove by, so I backed up and shut the truck off. He came closer and closer and then he swatted the ground a few times and huffed at me! I have seen ALOT of bears and been real close to alot, but have never had one chalenge my presence. SO EXCITING!!! I love this kinda of stuff.
He wondered into the yard of the cabin dwellers and I thought I should tell the Mr. Fish cop about him (hiking trails right there and kids all around) so I went up the hill and turned around and he is now standing on the guys porch sniffing the BBQ. So I stopped for a few more minutes and he stood up on some junk in the guys yard and shook his big head, and there was slobber everywhere! (wonder what was cooking in the BBQ so far?).
He then wondered off into the direction of he popular hiking trails and I to the fish cop office. Got my fishing license! Had put off the fishing due to high water, went to the bluffs and the water is up alot and dirty again so have to wait a little while still I guess :(
I figure I need to find my self a pair of James Bond(ish) glasses, a set with a built in camerea, as it was sitting at home again grrr!
Cant wait for more encounters! So neat to see them close up!

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Kathleen said...

SWEET! I'm totally with you on the bear thing. Great adrenaline rush, eh?