Friday, August 14, 2009

salmon fishing

some pics of salmon fishing. We went for salmon so we could have salmon for the wedding!

new dog yard

We got onto our acerage, 9 years it took us! no house, so we are living in a wall tent for now, and have been using the wood stove since we moved in due to frost, hard frosts too....brrrrr. I LOVE IT

pictures of the new dog yard. We had to bang out a bunch of dog houses in a really short time. Being summer we went with slabs (not cheap here... OUCH) and we spaced the boards, in hopes of a breeze getting through, since it has been a warm summer, they are sitting on the ground and the dogs have dug out in them a bit for cooler ground. These are just summer/ fall houses. More work will be done soon to them. They acomadate 2 dogs each, and all the dogs are able to socialize with 2 dogs one in/on the house and the other at the next year. We needed fast tie outs and used, used brake drums which is working great, they are heavy enough the dogs dont move then , but we can if we need to.
I love this set up so far. the males and females are spaced far enough to not breed. The dogs all love this set up to it seems, they love playing and running all around.
It is a temp. yard, maybe for the winter, and next year we will put in a nice dog yard in a different area, once we get it cleaned up.