Saturday, May 2, 2009

canoe in canoe out, OMG were flooded out

woke up @ 7am to 2 loose dogs, one is a runner (who found a moose bone so was easy to catch) and the other does not come when called, but this morning he came happily.
what set the panic was having to canoe accross the drive way to hopefully capture them before they ran off.
Today it is apperant we will have to clean some bush to tie up the pups and mom.
The reason dogs were loose, CHEAP quick links oh when will I learn? To my defense it was all they had at the hardware store, so I bought them. I do not understand WHY they cant supply people here, and else where with quality goods, not cheap crap for us to buy and be pissed about, I hate teh cost of the stuff up here, but will gladly pay more for quality, now only if we could get it...
Last night I was suppose to go clean my caribou hide and soak it, but stayed home, good thing I did, today I was suppose to do it, looks like I am booked up for today to though...
pics to come later

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