Tuesday, June 9, 2009

summer ...;(

Well nothing has been happening here too much. It has been stupid stink hot. Forest fires all around, some days its filled with smoke in the air. Water bomber planes in and out.
It has been way to hot for me. I am the kind of person who can NOT tolerate the heat, I dont much like a full hot summer sun, and the dogs have not blowen their coats yet, so a lazy summer crew we are. Since I am not a summer person and I fade out pretty fast in the heat, the most I have been doing is letting them run loose and splash in the creek, however they are more content to find a shadey spot and lay in it, so a non eventfull past few weeks here.
We have been out grayling fishing, and what fun that is, I SO love to fish, and the evenings by the river in the shade I can handle.
We FINALLY got our BIKES! SWEET! and it was cool enough to go for a ride last night, with some dogs. I choked on a HUGE bug, it flew right in as I was taking a big breath, and I choked and gagged for the rest of the ride home....I am so GLAD we have less than a month before we get shorter days again :D
I never talk about getting married, to be honest I am not very excited. I never planned on getting married and it was never a little girl fantasy for me. It took me 9 years to finally come around to being "ok" with the idea of getting hitched, but I must say I love planning the thing. We are hoping to do as much as we can on our own, since there is no one to make a cake, (I want a REAL wedding cake, not a out of the box cake ), so I dont bake and now and going to order up a wack of baking stuff and will be baking cakes for any ones bday this summer. NO one is around for flowers, I am not big on flowers so like heck I will pay someone to to put them together and drive them from Whitehorse. Whitehorse trips are for DOG FOOD, not flowers! SO I am growing all mine, I dont need alot, but have them all potted now, I might add more as I go, but am done with those for now. The dress is a BIG deal, I hate dresses! I wanted a winter wedding so I could get a fancy parka made, but winter travel is a concern for fam and friends :( ( I think if they are really willing to be there then travel in the cold...but I will let Hayden have this one) So my dress that I setteled on, was a web site order, and now the site is gone..yah FUDGE! Do you know how hard a dress hater has to look for a dress? My mother in law has offered to sew a deer skin dress with beadwork, which is super sweet and WOW, but I am not sold on the idea......
The roses are out and full bloom now, I have looked into freezing them and apperently you can freeze them fresh and they will hold, so I will give this a go, either way I will have rose petals at the wedding or compost for the garden, either way its a win win. Although I am not fancy or girly, I figure if I am going to allow myself to be taken off the "market" and do this wedding thing, I may as well have as nice of one as I possibly can. Check back as the summer goes on, and I will add my ideas and *freeish* tricks that I try here.
For food, we are thinking of a big BBQ. moose,caribou, salmon and other fish. We have a place that sells fresh produce out of their garden and will be using alot of what they have for the salads and other dishes.
Hope some one out there is injoying the hot weather, on the bright side of fires come morel musherooms, mmmmmmm. Yummy. I just used up the last of my orange top shrooms the other day and need a new stock of shrooms.
If you have any suggestions ot advise please fell free to share!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That is great about freezing the petals! I might have to try that too.

Good luck with the wedding stuff. My only advice is keep it simple and what you want!

The bug was pretty funny :)

Shellmo said...

I am like you - I can't stand extreme heat! Congrats on your upcoming wedding - I love what you have planned so far. Especially the part about growing your own flowers and what you have planned for the menu. For my wedding - I made my own invitations - get nice card stock and print them up yourself. If I think of anything more - I'll be back.

NCmountainwoman said...

I don't like the hot weather either unless I am at the ocean. Good luck with the wedding plans!