Saturday, May 9, 2009

miner lost in flood

During the flooding here, there was a miner lost. I dont know all the details but from what has been determined, he left camp on a 4wheeler, and got caught in the rushing water. His 4 wheeler was found and apperently it looks really really bad, like it was ran over by a truck. The damage is from ice, and trees it hit and was hit by. There was search for him with luck in finding him. They are waiting for the water to go down so they can cross the creek to search the other side.
It has been a full week now since he left camp. I hope he is on the otherside, and is ok....
I will update when I hear more. His name is Jerry Bride.

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yukonmusher said...

I heard tonight they found the body of the miner. He was washed down something like 5km down from his 4wheeler :(