Sunday, May 3, 2009


some pics of after the flood.
see the brown truck? it moved down the yard about 200 feet,amazinly the empty beer can never moved. see me in the canoe, I was trying to rescue someones lost 15 pack, only to discover it was a case of emptys. The ice by the trailer and truck the river had to come up over 6 feet to put the ice up there. the river had 3 huge ice jams in a short distance and the water kept backing up getting higher and higher, and then the side channel busted loose, causing the ice to rush through the rock creek area, where quest houses and camp trailers were pushe and moved around. One woman actually woke up from a huge chunck of ice coming in her living room!
the camper was a tourist camping and tried to get out, then the rescuers swaped the boat.
in the end everyone is ok, homes need repairs and vehicals need oil changes, but everyone was safe and ok at the end.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

heheehhee must save beer!!!

yukonmusher said...

yup, i was in the middle of eating breakfast and Hayden said there was beer going by, so I left me lasonga sause and breakfast behind to save the beer ( it was Canadian after all, if it was bud it would have kept floating, Canadian is hubbys fave beer and he is not much for a canoer)breakast still in the frige and never got the sauce made either :(