Saturday, May 2, 2009


SOS, SAVE OUR SIBERIANS. We are flooding out here, had to move all the dogs and move everything to higher ground. Many of our friends are in a seriouse state of flooding and can only be gotten to by boat tonight. In the past 4 hours the water has come up at least a foot an hour. The river is full of ice and the water is flowing over the ice, and on top is more ice from where the river has broken up river and now is damming the river up really bad. We hope it goes good, if the ice breaks too fast it will flash flood, and if it holds people up river flood too.
We are ok though, we brought in a few days of water, and wood. We tied a canoe to the stairs in case we need it. We are in a 2 story building and the bottom is not in use, so we should be good.
Roads are washing out and hopefully we can get out with the truck.
So hopefully we dont get a flash flood here, tomorow we go t even higher ground and start clearing bush for the dogs in case it is needed. Hopefully we will be ok. I will try adn get some pics tomorow, depending on what happens. I will try to do an update, again depends on what we need to do and if friends need us.
our friends are in our thoughts and we hope no one looses too much, and everyone is safe and ok

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