Monday, May 4, 2009

my first flood

This was my first natural disaster! Very exciting!
We knew it was coming. We had an amazing wet year last year so I knew the ground had frozen wet with as much water as it could hold, then we had an amazing amount of snow, how could it not flood this year? We have had 20+ here for 4 days in a row (and again today and yesturday) so how could nothing happen? It was coming and we knew it would, so we were as ready as we could be.
We are VERY lucky that we are renting this place from someone, it is not our junk that was moved and washed away and there are no mortgage payments coming off the check for us.
This place had flooded about 3 years ago they said and not too bad, so we knew we were in for water and I figured it could be alot. It is 2 story and when it flooded last time, they moved the living area up stairs only, so we were saef from the rising water. They also had a canoe here ! THANK YOU for that!! No paddels but a couple of shovels worked great.
When it first started to rise, I told Hayden we have 2 hours to move dogs, so we started moving them and got every one moved to the higher ground. When I went back for the dishes, the creek had flooded and was washing the pans down through the trees. So we grabbed them and I suggested we tie the canoe up to the stairs.
Woke up the next morning to being surrounded by water , not much about a foot, over the gum boots and enough to canoe in.
Cooked breakfast during breakfast the water dropped really fast for about 20 mins, then it started rising and FAST, really fast. With in an hour it had come up over 2 feet,then we went to move the truck to a bit more higher ground, when we were over there another part of the creek had flooded out and broke out onto the drive way, causing that to flood and that is where we moved the dogs to. Now we are really moving, we need to act fast and get the dogs to higher ground again. As we were doing this it became clear we needed to get out and get out NOW. Hayden went and borowed a dog trailer from his dad (Thank you Art!) and on his way back , driving up the road the water was coming over the hood of the truck (big dodge)and his brother with him to help (thank you James!!) As we were bringing dogs out to the road to put into the box, the water was over my knees and some dogs were swimming, in some spots.( none of the dogs we in water while tied thoug, but we went though the water so they would not be wraping the chains around trees and being tangled up while comeing out) During all this the creek up the road washed out and ALOT of water was moving fast down the road now. We got them loaded up and had to go back for the 2 house dogs and cats.
We half dumped the canoe going over to the house, so I left my camera there for fear of dumping it in the water (although perhaps I should have dumped it to get that new camera I want). The ride back went smooth, tied the canoe and got out. We shut the power off and went to stay at Haydens work for the night. I was not wanting to stay in the house since I have questions about the stability of the place.
We got out and put the dogs up, then came back to see it we could get in again for some food in the fridge and some other stuff, but no luck.
We figured the ice would go out soon since it was so increadably high. We tried calling some friends we know we trying to ride it out, and no answer on the phone, so we figured we would come out and see what was wrong, well the ice went, and it went with amazing force and speed. The main river channel was jammed and packed so hard, that the ice broke on the side channel, so all the water and ice started to pour through there, and through there it was easy for it to come up to the homes of people, and down the road. I think that the force of water going through the side channel could possibly make a new addition to the river with a really forcefull and possible to even become the main river channel, we will see and I hope it does not , if it did it might start eating the yards of the property of home owners.There was ALOT of river ice spread through out the neibourhood, and one friend found a fish about half a km down from the river on the road.Her and her husband had over a foot of water in their place, many were flooded out, but every one is ok and now clean up starts.
Although this was not too big of a deal for us, (only because its not our home or our life invested in it), and although It was about as bad as I thought it could be, it was fun to go though, it was an adventure and and rush the whole way though, but at the same time, it was sad, I got very choked up and felt so sad for those whos life is invested in being here, who have that huge mortgage payment and a family and now have to find money for renovations, and clean up, to have to search through the bush to find their stuff. Going though it has awaken a deeper gratification of getting though it, being thankfull for the time to be able to get out and all the dogs safe, for not loosing our life and investments(we almost thought of buying one of the hardest hit places and didnt buy last fall because we knew it could flood)It has defently been an experiance for sure.
On the plus side, my dog yard is AMAZINGLY clean! :) Now lets hope there is no more ice up river to block it bad enough to have to go through this again, the dogs are staying on the high ground for a while :)The canoe will styed tied to the front stairs for a few days as well :)
I will get some pics with the ice and water, when i can get them from friends. Hope everyone has a good spring!
I found the sign in the yard, it would have had to come through the trees, crazy force to knock it around the bush to get where we are, I cracked right up when I saw it!

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Bryan and Vikki said...

How horrible. We have a creek 200 feet east of us that has risen 2 feet in the last 2 days. Two years ago we cleaned up all the fallen trees in it and it didn't flood into our yard last year but this year could be different. At 5 pm is the noisiest. Good to hear it is not getting you down.