Thursday, May 14, 2009

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How can this not PISS me off? No help at all when they needed it! Doug lives just out side of Faro (where we were before Dawson). I do not know Doug very well, infact have only spoken a few times with him. I did notice though he is a very nice man and seems the kind of guy that would be there to help any one who needed it., regaless of it being "late".
Where Doug lives is down a dirt road about 15km. When the flooding hit, I dont know if he would have knowen it was coming then way it was. To get to his place there is a low spot where the water came up and flooded out the area they are in. Being that Doug does not leave the farm everyday , it could have been very possible that he did not see what was coming or how bad it was coming. His place has never flooded before either. As kids we use to be there alot (before doug bought it) and know that it has not flooded before.
Regardless of being able to get yourself out of trouble or not, when you call the Police or EMO (emergency measures operations, simular to SAR) there should be no time too late in the day to help someone who is concerned NEVER!
While in Faro I was thinking of joining EMO and talked to Shannon Woods, who bragged and bragged about how they do their training and how good they are. THEY ARE READY she says, about whatever they face. BULLSHIT! Why did Doug never get a call? WHY? Why did the cops say it is too late in the day? Did I miss something on emergancy hours? I was awake till 3am this morning and there was more than enough light out to be able to help any one who needed help.
To say I am pissed is an understatment. I hope the cops and EMO are ashamed of them selves!I hope they are repermended and.... (well let me quit here before I really say what I think)
Thanks to Leithe and the other locals and locals from Ross River (Henry Dick)( i do not know all who where involved and sorry if your name is not up here, but you are the ones who deserve credit) to those who were there to help Doug the best they could, god bless you guys and may you know you are awesome and better than those who claim to be there to protect and serve, and to help when they are suppose to!
I am waiting to get pictures and will load them when I get them.


Shellmo said...

I read the story, they should've helped him the first time he called! Glad he's okay and sorry about some of the dogs he lost. Terrible....

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Sounds like a lot of people here are upset. Them, like us, didn't find out about all of this until after the fact. Everyone I have talked to has said they would have helped had they known it was going on!! So horrible for them.