Friday, January 2, 2009

well we have had a terrible training season here. Snow and temps have been perfect, but between vehical,sleds and my increadable talent to injure myself we have not been able to do much with the dogs. So all our plans to race this year fell apart, and it has been heartbreaking to just feed them and allow them to loose run and run as little as we have.
On the bright side we have found that Red is turning out to be a great dog, and better yet an amazing lead dog. With more training I can not wait to see how she does. The 2 yr olds we have (red,kisses, and asker) have proven to be natural sleddogs always working hard and always ready to go, what I really love also is they are so calm during hook up, nce on the line they seem to find their inner peace, lol. I love calm dogs during hook up.
We are hoping to start the harness breaking of this years litter of 5 (we have kept all of them)Once the weather breaks we can do more with them, and once my knee heals I will be adding them into the team again.
We are also very excited to have another litter on the ground, we have 2 males and 2 females DOB: Nov.30.08. The mother is Queen and father is Garter. We were planning on no litters this winter, but we decided to go ahead with Queen and Garter after all. Again all the pups will be staying with us.
On a another note, we have decided to place some dogs, we are planning on placing glinda into a pet retirment home, although she is still running on the team and does good, she is starting to slow down and , she is a great pet in the house, (arnt they all?). I feel she should be able to get spoiled and live with a fam that can spoil and devote their time to her. We are placing 2 pups from this years litter as well. This is a part of dogs I could do with out, having to decide who stays and who is to go. Of course if the right home does not come along, they stay with us, so in the end all ends well I guess.
My knee is almost better and I should be back on the sled soon. (fingures crossed) So this year we are not racing as we had planned, we with trian and work on leaders and training the younger bunch, and have fun with the new litter.
Once the cold breaks I can get the camera out and take pics of the dogs, and do some up dating. I will try to be on here more as things hopefully get better here.
We wish every one a happy new years and best wishes in the race season this year! We will be in Whitehorse for the start of the Yukon Quest to watch that, and I hope to be in Dawson as a volunteer for the quest, but have not commited to Dawson as of yet. Safe trails everyone.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your knee and other problems.

Those puppies sure are cute!

Heather (aka Mum) said...

I can totally empathize! I thought having a baby couldn't / wouldn't interfear with the dogs' time...I wasnt' counting on twins or an extended recovery period from having them! Hopefully next winter will be different for all of us! Atleast they know they are loved & My hubby worls hard to spend as much time with tham as he can...

& like Kara said...those pups sure are cute ;) I have two pure Siberians here & have bread them into the kennel....they make the cutest little ones don't they :):):)