Thursday, January 8, 2009

the cold is warming up

I dont know how long for sure we have been in this cold "snap" for, I am pretty sure it has been about a month and a half now. We have had -30 to -50 here. We have been in it long enough that when we go out side, it seems not too bad at all. Infact it is now 'warm' enough to do chores and quick out side tasks in my PJs.
I am starting to worry about the possibility of it warming up too much, if it were to jump and hit -20 , WOW we will be everywhere in our t shirts and PJs. Also the dogs, can you imagine living through 2 months (not warming up soon) in -40 and then it hits -20 and it is time to run again, we will have to watch them for sure.
The dogs are doing great outside though, and seem to enjoy the weather. I have a few that curl up ontop of the dog houses and sleep outside no matter the tempature, silly puppys, dont they know how much trouble it is to get them straw?
Since I am still taking it easy due to my knee injury I have not been running them at all since the cold set it. The weather deffintaly brings it challenges, the biggest is fire wood, oh the beauty of easy to get fire wood. Which no longer exists. Hayden is currently working in Dawson City, about 7 hours north of here, he has the 4x4 and i am stuck with the truck that decided it does not wish to worken after -30. Flippin piece of s**t. So wood has been a challenge to get, last summer the truck was broke down while we waited and waited for parts from the US, because the canadians that had the part did not want to sell it. 30000 dodges here in canada (or something at least that) 2 parts in canada, and neither would sell the part...NICE.
The cold brings and increadable beauty to us here, the sky is usually bright blue, and clear, the trees are all frosted amd look set for a movie, the sunsets have great color and it is one if not my favorite time of the year it is peacefull and beautiful here. All the dogs and wild animals are in their full winter fluff, and are just so increadably beautiful, and now it is warm as well , for short periods of time :) One of my goals for next year is to save up for a camerea that can show how pretty it is, I find the small one i have does great upclose , but not much for landscapes.
I will try to get back on here and do more posting, even if it is just rambling on till we can get back out running. After all with the cold it is a great time to play with puppies and do inside time with the other dogs.
May everyones stove stay burning,hot chocolate flowing and warm times with friends and family while it is cool outside.

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