Thursday, January 15, 2009

perfect runs

I dropped Hayden off on the way out to the dogs today, so he could cut fire wood while I ran some dogs. It was warm, sunny and the dogs were well behaved. We went the entire run today with no problems.
I hooked Anterton (this years pup) in for his first ever run with his older sister kisses and he did amazing. tight tug all the way...LOVE IT!
We did a fast easy low stress run and it was so nice to have a perfect run on a perfect day. After the run I picked up hayden and half a truck of wood.
The mountains were amazing the sun rides behind them and lights up the sky with amazing colors and the mountins are highlighted from behind, so pretty. On days like to day were riding ontop of the world
lead glinda n viva
kisses n antherton
jarvi n garter

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