Saturday, January 31, 2009

time past and fresh starts

Not much to say here. Another blow to running dogs. I have been looking forward to 2009 with hope, to find it not so fun so far.
I have been sick since new years eve. I have this cough that is so bad, I end up choking and cant breath, very scary so, with it getting worse i have only been out with the dogs 3 other time since the last post. I am starting to feel alot better, but still having the coughing fits, and dont want to be on the trial, if I black out so....
Another hardship was loosing Princess. She passed away on my birthday this Jan.29. I am happy to report however, she made it to be 15 years old and was in great shape until the last 2 days. She went in her sleep. She was my first all husky leader, she was a tough old school husky who came from a litter localy and was half turner/butcher lines. She was such a pretty girl, and was one of those dogs who everytime she looked at you , you knew your were her favorite no matter what. I have never seen a dog that looked up to me and said your great and i love you, the way she did, always smiling and happy just because I was there. At the same time I have never had a dog that frustrated me as much at the same time. But an honest worker and leader and friend right to the end. She is the last of my original team and is sadley missed. Hope she finds a field of declawed cats along her trail, luv you my sweet cat killer.
With her passing, I am now down to 2 mutts. Moke and Vader, who are her pups, with a special place in my heart for them. They are pets, as not much for the sledding thing, but who cares, the are great hiking partners and gaurd dogs. The rest of the dogs are siberians now, and so a entire new chapter is ready to be opened here in our kennel. We have ALOT of young dogs to work with and train, and I am very excited to have these dogs in my yard.
We are at the point of moving out of Faro, with no work or food store, and we can never get to Whitehorse to shop, we have been fighting for the past year and a half to stay, and it is not happening. So unless a awesome job turns up, we will be turning out. Out to Dawson City, Hayden has been working up there the past 5 months and is taking on a full time job, no more contracting. In the year 2008 he was away to work for 7 months out of the year, all wich were during the winter months, which is a bit harder on me alone. Dawson is a good spot, lots of dog mushers to train with, store with food, gasstations, restauants. Ooohhh how exciting,lol. I really wanted to remain in Faro, but dont want to be away from HAyden for such long stretches of time, he has been in Dawson going on 5 moths now, with a short visit here and there. I do plan on buying land near here and building a cabin on it, so I can come back and run my dogs, as I belive Faro is a awesome spot to be and run dogs, just not feasable for us.
So I am hoping everyone elses new year is going good. I sure hope it picks up for us, lord knows I would love to run my dogs and run them alot more often. I am still planning on going into see the start of the Yukon Quest and YQ 300, but if I need to be packing up, well that might not even happen.
Happy trails to everyone.

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Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

aaahhhhh a grocery store? What is that???

Sorry to hear about your dog passing away! It is always hard to lose a member of your family.

Good luck with your move!