Monday, January 12, 2009

Todays run

We went for our first run in way to long. It finally warmed here and is up to -23 today. aaaaaaahhhhh the warmth, it feels good. It was a "perfect" day to run the dogs, it was warm and snowing. We had about a foot of snow that was fresh and it snowed the whole day and was picking up when we finnished the run.
I ran Red and Buddah in lead. I do not think Buddah has ever been in lead, but he did very well there with red. He seems to like being out front, which is really good. Boo and Red should make a nice set of leaders, with the proper training. Towars the end of the run they begain to tie, as did the rest of the team. All in all there were a couple tangles, but everything else worked out great.
I had Hayden go down with the truck so he could take pictures, but the weather did us no good. Too dark to get some good still pics.

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SusanE said...

-23 here today too. Looks like we're moving out of our cold snap. Although I really like it at -10 day after day, but that's not likely to happen.