Wednesday, October 21, 2009

quick update

Well lucky us! We did manage to get some salmon after all. Although we did not get to go out and get it ourselves :( Hayden got a call from DFO and they had a seized net from a fisher that decided not checking nets was ok. So we went down and got the fish out of the net and came home with 186 fish! Great start! Then after my blog was read, another musher emailed me with a cheap source for chicken SWEET! (a BIG THANK YOU > MP!) So that is going to be in the works soon as well, hopefully after a bit more meat we will be ok, for the winter.
We have snow but not enough to run on yet. When we moved out from Faro, we did not have room to bring the training wheels with us, so I am stuck waiting for snow to start training. Its ok though, we have been so busy, with clean up and preping for the house, and hunting. I am more than happy to be spending lots of time in the yard with the dogs, they are sure getting restless and doing alot of howling now! We have been going for some loose walks, but not too many.
Where we bought land, has moose everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE! And for the past however many years, they have had the trails to themselves pretty much of the time, so with big angry horney bulls and aggitated cows, walks are kept to a minimum. It is great to see so many moose though! Unfortually they are out in the evenings when the camerea wont work :(
We are still in the wall tent, it is pretty warm though, and I hope we have another 2 weeks of half warm left. It seems like we always have enough snow to run dogs/skidoos at haloween, so hopefully it will stay warm as it should continue to snow. I have no idea about when the house will come, hopefully soon.
We took a drive up the road to try for another caribou or two, to give to family and friends that need meat and to make dry meat with and it was a wonderful day. Only -6 meant it was warm and there was a good number of caribout running around. We saw only about 300 caribou but it was still amazing! We also saw a big black mom wolf and her 2 brown pups, very NICE! I have pictures but for some reason blogger will not let me up load here, I can up load to other sites/programs but not blogger. So I will be going into town where hopefully there is fast and good connections, and try later in the week to get some pics up.
hope every one is having a good fall and heading into winter well!
happy trails!

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irvin wai said...

Sounds like you hit the mother load of salmon LOL,glad to hear the dogs gonna eat good this winter,sound like you are living my dream with all the wildlife around and beauty of the north.take care i enjoy reading your updates,