Friday, October 23, 2009

caribou hunting

there are 2 hunting trips worth of pictures here. The first trip was in Aug. and the the last on was last saturday. The caribou from the first trip was used at our wedding and then the next trip is for us and to give some meat to friends who are in need of some meat for the winter. I love going up and seeing so many caribou. CAribou are deffently my favorite of the deer family. We were also luck to see and mom wolf and her 2 cute and fluffy pups out looking for a meal.


yukonmusher said...

if you click the second picture down you can see the caribou much better

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...


Bryan and Vikki said...

Great pictures of the caribou and wolves.... We only have Mtn Goats, Moose, Grizzly, Black Bear and Wolves here. We really miss hunting Whitetail, and Mule. We have never gone Caribou hunting. Seen 3 big male Caribou when we went mtn Sheep hunting last summer.