Friday, October 23, 2009


The dog I love to hate and hate to love. This is Haydens dog. She is a border collie x northend Dawson (the father was a loose dog in the North end of dawson City). Hayden got her 2 weeks before I came along and had already named her sarah, so when i came along I just changed the spelling. She is super smart and driven like any other border collie. When I was doing obediance training she was my demo dog. She was so smart she knew at work was work, but when we are at home or any other place other than work, she is NOT my dog. At work she is great, listens and knows all the commands, but even after 9 years together, she prefers to kinda block out my "suggestions". Since she is nine and a half now, she is just starting to slow down. In the past 2 years I have discovered she has an amazing drive and talent to find moose that have been shot. If a moose goes into the bushes we sit and wait for the moose to lay down, keeps from having to pack them out further and keeps the lactic acid from making the meat bitter. The first time we took her out was a cold and dark night. Hayden had shot the moose and we let it lay down, we waited about half an hour. We could hear him in the bush so was not to worried about him getting too far. By the time we went in it was dark enough to take in falshlights. We took her in with us, only because there was a grizzly bear in the area waiting for gut piles from hunters. When we went in we were confused by LOTS of tracks everywhere, and I noticed she started tracking, so i took the leash from Hayden and started working her and incouraging her to "watch em", she led us right up to the moose who was laying down in the trees. What is great is she was never trained to track or find a moose. She found 2 more this year, one for a friend and then out moose this year. Although we knew where our moose was, it was another training session for her as we knew we could find it and there for she would find it with us. She was SO excited she pulled me through the tundra and onto my face (very unhappy at that moment). She does a great job keeping the ravens away from the tent and LOVES the toys and sticks she can find. A popular question is do I get confused by the dog and I havin ghte same name, NO. Everyone seems to have a different tone in their voice, when talking to Cera or Sarah.

I will try and do an intro to each dog here with updated info as training progresses.


Shelley said...

What a smart poochie Cera is!!!

irvin wai said...

Nice pictures love that country