Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No salmon..?

Well it looks like there are no salmon to feed the dogs this winter. It is a record low for the salmon and they put a limit on how many are allowed to be caught.
This is a REALLY hard blow to us. Being that we have to build a place and everything else that is happening, I was really counting on the salmon. We even went and bought a boat to do salmon with...a boat that is no good this year, and would have caried us through the winter for dog food, if we didnt buy it.
We were going to share a fishwheel with another musher, but he vaery rudly informed us that we are not welcomed to use it now, since he has to catch as many as he can. . I will be calling around Whitehorse for the best deals on ANY kind of meats and fat. If any one has some good suggestions please let me know.
This is devestating, I almost feel like I might have to sell off some dogs and in my mind I cant, I have a great group of young dogs, and some older breeding dogs but thats it, no extras really, especially when thinking about having enough in 4 years to run the Yukon Quest.
So right now I have a head full of crap that is bouncing off the sides but not really prosessing very much. Not sure what is going to happen to the race plans. I know we will be in the Percy Dewolfe race , but other than that not sure what we will do.


Amanda Stanoszek said...

Have you heard of the Sustainable Selections meat co-op that is being started all over the country? It's a program that allows stores to donate the (still quality) past-date meat to animal rescues, private owners, etc. The meat is picked up each week so it's not like any of it is rotten or anything - usually just a day past "sell by".

We'll be getting enough meat to feed our 4 dogs and 6 cats for $25/month (we joined a co-op in our area that has 3 people). There may very well be a co-op started already near you - I know the interest has been very high.

Email me at if you'd like more info.

dogsled_stacie said...

Try Icy Waters in town here, you probably won't be able to get as much, but it's cheap and good and great for the dogs!