Saturday, April 4, 2009


Spring I guess is here. Was -20 the other morning but one out of the past 2 weeks is not bad at all. The sun is in full shine and really letting it power out against the snow. The snow is still over our boots and knees, but melting non the less.
With spring here and well since Feb. I have been getting the itch to go fishing.Oh how I love to fish. However up here in the klondike, fishing is a camping trip. The river here is home to amazing numbers of fish, but they only run certain times a year, and there are not many lakes close by, none that I know of anyways.
In faro there are lakes, lots of lakes to fish out of, oh missing how I will miss Faro and its easy fishing.
Last time we lived in Dawson, we went camping with Haydens cuzin. It was to be a great weekend with lots of fish. So we loaded up the small (SMALL) van and took of about 4 hours out we hit our camping spot, and start setting up camp, hmmmm NO TENT! NONE! We are 4 hours out of Dawson and no tent the van is too small to fit 4 of us in , and its raining, HARD. Ok we are tough enhough to crash under a tarp, with small blankets (small, because it was suppose to be warm,sunny and sleeping in a tent) NOT WARM, SUNNY OR A TENT. Also this seemed like the place that every mosquito in the territory went to spend their weekend too!
Needless to say Friday and Saturday were trying days, wet, no sleep and mosquitos everywhere, well almost out on the lake there was a calm , but still very wet.
As sunday came along the sun came out, the clouds of mosquitos were no longer insain and we were due to head home.
On the up side the lake was shallow and amazinly clear, and there was fish EVERY where. We were fishing for Jacks and almost every cast caught a fish or two. They were so hungry there we would catch a small one and a big one would come up and eat it while on our line, and we got to watch it all. AMAZING!
So summer and fihing enters our minds, Hayden is not to keen on the camping bit ever since then and I dont really blame him, maybe if I get my dream job we will skip the fishing/camping trips and stick with making money to burn out the dogs butts come winter....
so I sit here wishing for winter, to cool, calm silence that comes with winter, and the seasons of frozen poops, oh how I already miss frozen dog poo...

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