Thursday, April 30, 2009

spring love, every one wants some

The past 4 nights we have heard from our bed room window the thumping of a rooster grouse. I have been outside all day waiting to hear him, hoping for some pics on the camera. Waiting and waiting . Well today he thumped his heart out this afternoon. It took me about an hour to close in on him and although I was increadable close (about 30 feet) my camera was not up to the distance. I will try and get the video on but having problems right now. OH GAWD i need a new camera, deffently on the list for this year. In the pics of a mess of bush you can see why it took a while to zone in on him, since he wouls be quite for some time once I got in close. I promise you he is in the pics.
It is HOT HOT HOT here, SO stinkin hot, we have hardly any snow and the river and creeks are overflowing with water.
On a great up side FISHING, YAY! The spring run of grayling are moving and the rivers is full of ice still, and water is running over the ice, making all the rivers still clear, so guess whats happening this weekend....FISHING!!

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