Tuesday, April 14, 2009

another day

Well easter monday was interesting. Hayden had to work so I went ad spent the day with his mom. She is a sweet native woman who tans her own hides and sews everything. She has amazing talent with beads and leather. Whith moving back up to Dawson, I have asked her to teach me how to tan hides. Yesturday we fleshed off 5! yes 5! hides, we had already done 3 a few days before, so I got the hang of it and we did 5 yesturday, when I left the house I had me camera ready (like always) but left it at home (like most of the time). So I will try and really remember to take the camera and start with pictures of this dying tradition.
It was alot of work and that 5th hide was proving to be about as many as we could do in the day (4.5 hours to make us feel even better!) There is one more deer hide, a moose hide and 2 caribou left to do. I am sure I will be ready to throw a loaded sled any where next winter.haha. We are not sure what is going to be done with the hides,making drums, a dress? who knows we have to remove the hair now and will be working on that sometime this weekend or next week.
The way things are looking now we want to sell our place in faro and have land picked out here, if we get it it means a entire new start on everything, new house, new dog yard,new garden,new shop and we have to build everything form scratch! Also we are getting marrried this summer so busy, busy, busy we will be.
I added 2 slide shows on the blog, one with of course our dogs and the other with some crafts I do, if any one is interested in the crafts, please feel free to contact me for more info.
here are a couple puppy pics I dug up while organizing my pics.

07 pups 08 yearlings


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Congrats on getting married this summer!!

And I cannot believe you have done that many hides! I am so jealous you have someone to teach you all of those skills.

yukonmusher said...

just finnished the last one, she called me over for something else and had the last one waiting...lol of coarse no camera.
I am very excited to do this for the summer with her!
thanks on the congrats!