Friday, March 27, 2009


Well I have finally moved in, as much as I can here for now. We are in a shack, with extention cords for wirering, an outhouse and wood stove (which was also the cook stove until the other day), but it works for us and allows Hayden and I to be together again and to have the dogs here and is as cheap for rent as one can hope for here, so all is good.
The first thing I did when I got here was catch a nasty cold, so sick once again, now that I am over that, the dogs are sick. We caught a dose of ring worm somewhere and are not batteling that out. We have just gave up on running the dogs all together for the rest of this winter. This was the worst winter I can ever remember, but I love being back north and we will hopefully have a better winter next year.
I think we will be in for another move before winter comes along, we are hoping to sell our place in Faro and buy land here and build a small cabin for the first year or two, (fingers crossed) if not I dont know what we will do come winter, I really do not want to be in this place through a cold winter and not really wanting to stay in here too long. This we will have to wait and see how it goes.
I love the fact I live where there is stores again, we have 2 grocery stores and it is wonderfull! Fruit and vegtables that are not frozen, SWEET! lol. We also have the gas stations (never a big deal to me). One thing I hate about here is everything is expensive, and dog food is retarded here, we are paying over 57./bag for ok dog food, almost everything is over 60/bag. and we are feeding the last couple salmon that we have, so we are are hoping to figure a way to buy, by the pallet and get it here, the problem with that is we have a 6-7 hour drive (one way) to pick up the food, transporting it is too expensive by a freight company, and it is very short notice when a truck will be there with the food.
We came home the other day from town and are now expecting a litter of pups that was not planned, seems Ant magicaly unsnaped himself and we are thinking he may have bred with Kisses. Both are amazing so far, but are unproven on longer runs, so fingers crossed if the breeding did happen we get some great pups. Our 4 little Qween/Garter pups are doing great and growing wonderfully. I can not wait to see the dogs we have in 3 years. The last breeding we did (ant,anvil,ammi,arora, and aho, sure have turned out nice. We were going to sell Anvil, and I am glad we didnt.
I use to think I had an eye for picking out great dogs out of a litter and as they grew so did my confidence in picking pups, now though I feel I have none and have to wait to see what we have. I think almost a year is what it will take to see what and who we really want to keep. Ant was sold and I returned the $ because I thought we should try him out, and I am so glad he never went any where, he is a very nice, beautiful hard working male that is big, he is our biggest sibe by far. Hopefully his size is not to big to race, and if it is I cant wait to have him skijoring.
I will post pics of our 4 B (Breeze, Barq, Butters, and Bytz) puppys soon.

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