Sunday, February 15, 2009

yukon quest 2009

well we made it to the quet, it was cold -30, but with the sun out is was amazing and beautiful and didnt feel like -30. I will add more to the blog in a day or two, I gotta get out and cut fire wood, as it might get back down to -40 here soon. So here are a few pic, I got to meet Karen and Meanderin Michael, if only for a few senconds. (Sorry MIchael I missed your kid in the pic). One thing I know is I need a way better camerea and alot of practice, lol. so here is mike ellis team taking off and me & meandering michael and me & Karen.
Please go to Michaels blog and check out his video for the prefect job and please VOTE for him! Go to the righ hand side of his blog where you see a dude running towards the open water ! and VOTE!

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