Thursday, February 19, 2009

on the move

Well today is my last ost I belive, for a while. Tomorow Hayden will be here and we will be packing for the move to Dawson City. I am sad to leave FAro on the one hand as it is amazing, great fishing,wildlife and AMAZING trails that go every direction and so many that are perfect for running dogs, and the trails here are SAFE!
On the other hand, Dawson has alot of mushers and once I figure out the trails around there I should be good, hopefully Hayden will start coming out with me and the dogs. Also Dawson has store with food, mmmmm how I miss having a grocery tore with choices, haha.
A friend of mine is geting out of tours and has a bunch of dogs to place, so I might talk to him about getting a leader or two from him. We will see. We have placed all but on of the pups for pet homes and all are doing great in their new homes. Qweens pups are doing great and are so active and listen so well when loose, a huge bonus to living here you can train your pups so easy, because they are alound more freedom, which almost seems to not matter if they always have it. I find puppies who dont have to be leashed walked are so easy to have off leash as adults.
I have not seen our new digs yet, but Hayden says it is right up my alley, we can have all the dogs there and it is cheap rent so good. No running water though. Has power so all is ok.
The trip into Whitehorse for the quest was fast, it is a 4 hour drive one way and since we do not have stores here (in Faro) we had to fit in the quest and quest 300 and shopping, picking up gas and strw and another truck, so I didnt get to meet some of the mushers I wanted to or get to see their dogs close up, but I did get to watch everyone start, and it was a great day. It was a bit cold at -30, but after all our cold here this winter, I was warm all the way through it, so that was great. The quest 300 was fun to watch to, alot of people loved to see purebred teams and really thought they were great to see here, we dont get many around. I have heard many great comments on Mike Ellis dogs and how they run, some of the front runners have noticed how nice of a team he has, always nice to hear them talking about the sibes, and the comments were on the athetisim of the dogs, way to go MIKE you have every ones attention!
The dogs are running great. Jarvi has finally settle right in and what a hard working girl she is, I am amazed at her athetisim and drive. Buddah has been turning out amazing and is so great up in lead position, him and Red I belive will be a great front end pair when I get more experiance under them,Kisses is a great little working as is Asker. Asker I do not think has the speed to keep up with everyone over all, but is a true worker and is beautiful. I am thinking of finding her a recreational running home, and belive she will do best there. Glinda has went to some friends who are giving her a retirement home. Arora,Antherton,Anvil, and Aho are sweet dogs, how are maturing into nice hard working dogs. I have been very impressed with Anvil and am choosing to keep him around and not to sell him. I am VERY glad I did not sell him or Antherton, like I was thinking of. Arora is quite small , but is by far the prettist girl we have, she is a crazy bundle of energy though,and so far has beeing exceling at what I have asked her to do, with no problems. I really love the dogs I have in my yard right now, I find it very rewarding and exciting to have the dogs that I have, I trully belive as long as I can do my part as the musher/trainer, i will have a great kennel of dogs!
I have not even started to pack, yet, I dont think I will until tomorow, we are only taking what we really need and locking up our place here in Faro. I will be off for a while I belive, but will try to get some notes in here and there. Also will try more pics. I have a hard time getting pics while out on the trial, but will try to do better.
So everyone have a great rest of the season and good luck to all racing or enjoying the trails behind your dogs.

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Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Good luck with your move! I hope Dawson works out for you in every way. Of course I will be jealous now that you have access to a real grocery store and gas station, but I guess I will survive :)

Keep on blogging from up there when you can!