Monday, February 2, 2009

i am so tired. REALLY. Took a team of 8 out today
viva buddah
asker kisses
aurora glinda
garter jarvi
today I asked boo (buddah) to hold the line out and with his second time in lead, he did while I hooked the team up AMAZING! great, now I am pretty happy when some dogs just "get it". I have not trained him to do this, so am amazed at how great he was. Aurora was out for her first time ...AMAZING. Tight tugs all the way, hardly ever looked back and me and no tangles. LUV IT!
we had a few issues with a haw turn, and finally worked that out, if they dont turn haw, we dont move forward, that simple, I will NOT allow commands to be blowen just because they wish to go gee & there is no trail. We headed down a old road and busted trail for a bit before turning around. The bad part of the run today, was that Gater the only one wanting to go haw (so was promoted to lead) turned and jumped Boo. Boo then decided no way he was running lead, so had to be put back into team and did good there, hopefully this wont hurt his wanting to lead and he will be back to lead soon. I put kisses up front and put viva back in lead with her and she did ok, although not amazing, but we got home and that was good enough.
yesturdays run went good.
going cook something to eat and take a really hot bath...and crash out hard. have to go get firewood tommorow and that is always a hard days work there.

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