Saturday, October 11, 2008

wow, I didnt realize how long it has been since I posted here.
The last bit of work was really busy, and I was so tired after it all, I just needed to melt away for a bit. I made a trip to Dawson, I bought a freezer, and took it to Dawson so we could get salmon for the dogs this winter.
The trip was amazing all the fall colors were bright and just increadable. Too bad I threw my camera into a too hard to reach place. Oh well they never do show the beauty we really see any ways. I was up there for a week, came home and finished my summer job.
Then back to Dawson, Hayden (my wonderfull husband) had went with his dad and used his fish wheel, so we are up 250 salmon for the winter. I have no idea how long it will last , but I am SOOOO happy to have them, and the dogs LOVE the salmon soup. About half were hung up and out to rot or cure in the air. And these are our special salmon, I hear dogs when sick, tend to cure up because of bactiriea in the fish. So these are the ones I hope to cook along camping or race trips.
We spent the weekends hunting for our moose meat supply for the winter, and saw nice moose, but none were wanting to be eating by us I guess. Not one of them responded to our calls with lust in their eyes, so maybe next year.
One salk was really amazing. We woke up after a really frekin cold sleep in the truck, and drove down the road. We saw a cow and a cow calf in a field, so we stopped up on the hill and let out some calls. After about 15 mins and big 4 year old wonders out from the trees. OUr excitment grows, as this would be a very easy pack for us. He spots the cow, (which we realize was his all the time ) So he go to her and we start our stalk. 3 hours we spent getting as close as we could. The sun was shining, swans, geese, and cranes were falying over our heads, there was an otter playing in the water near by and beavers everywhere! There was also a hawk, that would fly around looking for a meal, hawk would fly about 3 feet away from us , really low, and never was spooked by us, and would circle around us for the entire time out there, really cool.
As we moose called the bull finally had enough and took his cow off into the trees were we lost them. So no moose , but the best hunt I have ever been on.
That night we saw another 3-4 year old bull, who came when called to the edge of the river, but would not croos it.
The next weekend we saw a nice 2 year old, who was on the side of a mountian and we would have crossed a creek, and we spent about 5 hours calling to him with no reactions .
So not sure what to do we headed back to dawson empty.
Then HAyden got a call to go to work on a truck about 60 miles north of Dawson. He called me up , I grabbed all the hunting gear and munchies and headed out ( yes he was allowed to hunt while working, if we got a moose his time had to stop: reason I was there, so I could skin and work on it while they fixed the truck) They Hayden and Jimmy fixed the truck as I wondered around. There was a small owl and he would swoop down on this (HUGE) raven , biggest raven I ever saw, I swear the owl s claws ran through the ravens feathers. I saw a huge set of bull tracks, but he had went through, early and didnt see him. Jimmy drove the big truck bck to the shop, Hayden and I toured around the side roads and came accross a 3 year old bull, it was a good pack off the road, in the bush enough so drivers by couldt see and stop to talk with ( always a time killer, cause every one want to talk to you if you have a moose, lol). We were out overnight and were not home on time for hayden to make it to work, so his mom and the company sent out a rescue or help pack the moose expidition. Jimmy showed up as we were done the last two pieces, lol perfect timing. He brought us some sand wiches that were awesome after a pack out, so Thanks Jimmy and mom for "rescuing us" haha.
Now I sit here and cut meat, lots of meat. So far I have the ribs and brisket done and the ribs and some hind quarter peices done. Gotta say I love to cut meat at home, by myself, I have ribs,chops steaks, and steak in maridades, I do a very good job if I say so myself, haha.
I will find the carmea and get a few pics up of the trip.
Hayden called me last night about the caribou are moving up by the border, they are not fit to eat because of their rut, but it is amazing to watch them. They are huge, and everywhere, some herds all around you on the hills in the snow, calling out, chasing each other and hearding hte females, truly amazing.
Any ways gotta go cut more meat .
please excuse spellin , I know how to spell, just not when typing . :P

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