Monday, October 13, 2008

lol. I found this while looking at another blog. I dont have it figured out how to upload videos so check out the link and scroll way down till you come to the moose in sprinkler clip.

we had snow this morning, nice big fluffy flakes, I am so excited! I love winter and cant wait to see it here for the season. While in Dawson there was snow and cold, It had reached 12 below up there while we we there, and is some of the area we were huntinf had up to about 2-3 inces of snow, all I could think of was the dogs, dogs, dogs and moose.
We stayed at Haydens moms place and there was a cow and young calf which at night would come up into the field of their place.They would hang out really close to the house (like 30 feet from the porch in the dark). We think because it was rutting season and a bigger bull around the mom was trying to find a safe place to hang out while the new bull was strutting around. I strated putting the dogs in the dog box from this night on, so if a bull or testy mom got into the mood I would not have trampeled dogs. I was pretty freaked out when Art (father in law) mentioned to hayden to watch the dogs, because moose might trample them thinking they are wolves I never thought they would do that too, moose are scary! Very scary when you have dogs, or see how big they are and their muscels up close on a unexpected veiwing.. I have seen parts of wolves that have been kicked or trampeled by a moose and I want to try and be sure me and my dogs are not at the end of those hooves.
Good news is we are all ok.
Interesting enough, when I go out not too often I hear wolves calling all the time, but when we got our moose and when others were out calling (before they got theirs) they always repot wolves howling so there seems to be a strong conection with wolves during rutting season. I am asuming they are around as with the bears more so, for many reasons, trying to get unexpecting lusting moose, or the calves since there is a chance they are on the edges (kept away from the bulls) or while mom is busy. So to hear the call of a wolf while it is warm enough to sit out side, is perhaps best done while moose are in rut.
Ok on more quick Dawson story. 2 guys were out tryin to get a moose. One was up sitting in a tree stand ready to get the moose should one come into range. His brother was laying off to the side a bit, doing calls. (I belive cow calls here) as time went on, they called some more, then the brother in the tree looks over and a big sow ( I belive a sow) anyways a big grizzly bearwas crowched down on the grass, with the belly sliding along the ground to be stalking the guy doing the calling.
How scary is that. Also the bear that ripped open Mom C.s car , had every ones mind on the grizzlys out there this year. While out looking for our moose we did come accross bear tracks, fresh ones every where, and found one set heading freshly our way whene we sat down calling. It is a really neat thing to see bear tracks in fresh fallin snow.

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