Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our moose

Here is a pic of Hayden and our moose. He did an awesome job at keeping everything super clean, and did an awesome job of cutting it all up. He is also a awesome meat packer.
Took a couple pups for a walk today, and looked over an old trial. I think I will hook some dogs up and take them for a short run and go into the trail and start ading some loops. I really want a loopy gee haw training trail and this one is perfect, easy bush to clean and about 5 dead ends to work with, so should give us a few days of loop making.
Here is also a pic of mom in laws car after a grizz found it, at least they got a moose on this trip ;)


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Well we are jealous!! We have to wait a whole year before we can hunt in the Yukon. When we lived up in Nunavut we could hunt after living there for three months so our freezer was always full of caribou! Ah well, next year will be good!!

yukonmusher said...

i was worried we would not get one that was not stinky so late , but we lucked out. MMMM caribou have not had any since we left the Yukon 6 years ago. Hoping to check out the dempster hear this year, if possible.