Monday, July 14, 2008

pups are out

We tied the pups last night, all of them. They were at the point where it was just time. So preparing for a long and sleepless night we were amazed at how quite they were, so nice to have quite dogs :) Hayden buit a few dog houses, and did a great job. Hayden has always been a non dog mushing guy, but what he can do with the dogs and building stuff I need he really should give mushing a go, lol.
It has warmed up alot last few days and we have not been taking them out in harness, so we are fixing and cleaning out more space for a few more dogs, and are in search of more wood to build more dog houses. Our closest lumber supply is 4 hours one way, so we have to scroung around and use what we can find.
I was wanting pretty log dog houses, but our truck has been broke down for over a month and parts are hard to get up here, wait, wait and find out you need another peice or the peice you orderd was the wrong one after all thanks to the parts girls!), so much for getting fire wood before the snow flys. Fingers still crossed.

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cool dogs said...

Hi, jon here from the Copper Haul Twister - good luck, we have 12 mile races from Nov - March, an da few other events, all posted on our blog. Cheers