Friday, July 18, 2008

Bears & Barking dogs

First let me explain our dogs set up. We share a yard with a friend where we keep the dogs, it is out sie of town a few clicks, and is fenced so wolves dont get in, it has a fenced in play area as well. About half of my dogs are out there and the other half (pups and and a retired girl) are in the back behind our house. There are 2 indoor/front yard dogs, and in the back we have 7 dogs.
We had had a huge black bear wondering around last night, checking things out, but not being a trouble bear (at least he gave us no trouble). So pups never seeing a bear before were understandably freaked out, and were barking like carzy (1 am), so I go out to reasure that the bear is not bothering them really, and they should be quite.
Now I like my dogs to warn if something is around, and I understand bears are scary for pups, and I know dogs and pups are barkers and should be allowed their say, HOWEVER, barking with out a real reason is stupid and enough is enough. If the intruder is not a direct threat to the dogs, I do not want to hear non stop barking, so last night was a 2 hour training session in not barking uncontroably .
Good dogs, you alerted me, now be quite. Thats how I like my dogs. So we get through the bear incounter (which was only about 20 yards away from me, when I saw him through the darkness) with a positive outcome of them knowing he is there but not barking uncontrollable.
Now what really chaps my a$$. We have one neighbour to the right of us, and one across the street. Each of who have only 1 dog each, but never spend time training or any kind of time with their dogs. I am a part time worker who is on call 7 days a week and at any time, so I charish my sleep, I can not sleep through barking dogs. Those 2 dogs barked for the last 12 hours, YES !12 HOURS!
I have other people complain to me about these 2 dogs and have even been blamed for one of them barking all night! HOW INSULTING, I care about the noise my dogs make and I care about others not being bothered by my dogs, how rude of some one to assume because I have more than others, it is my dogs making the noise, I informed him very clearly whos dog it was and to bring it up with them, before talking about it being my dogs.
I have spoken to both owners about this and they just dont give a $hit, they say oh, well they are warning us about the animals, ok, but I dont think the bear was there all 12 hours, and even if it was, it was not threatning the dogs, or any thing else, so shut the dog up already, it has been half a day, and I didnt get any sleep! I have seen each of these 2 dogs bark housrs at squirrels running on the other side of the street!
We have no real bylaw officer here, and no one wants to deal with the 2 owners I speak of, so today I will atempt to talk to these 2 yet again, in hopes of a nights sleep, wish me luck.

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