Monday, July 14, 2008

If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you must find the courage to live it. --john irving
Today was a good day. After I was done working, I found yet another den of fox pups to take pictures of. This one had 3 little red babys, running an playing, and looking for something new to pass their time with while their mom was out hunting for their meal. As I am always up for passing sometime with cute critters, I sat around and gained their trust. One would not have anything to do with me ad sat on the hill and watch the other 2 check me out. So a bunch of pictures later and dead batteries in the camera I headed home to get out and do some fishing.
Both Hayden and I love to go grayling fishing and today lived up to our hopes of our first graying fishing day. Within a few minutes Hayden had his first catch. We fished for a few hours and caught alot of fish, releasing most of them for another day, another meal.
Although they are not a big fish, they are alot of fun to fish. They are almost always biting and have a bit of fight in them when you get the big ones.
We were planning on running the dogs, but by the time we got back from fishing and had supper it was pretty late, so we will hopefully be hooking up for another run tomorow, should the weather stay cool.

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