Saturday, July 25, 2009

all work and no play

Well no pics right now. I will try to add some later, just a quick note to fill in on some of the time here. Our landloard had the phones diconected, so not net at home any more.
We went salmon fishing and have 7 salmon for the wedding (sweet!) It was my first time out salmon fishing and we used nets. Really fun and learned alot. Hayden and his cousin did most of it as I was only able to get out on one run with them.
Work is awesome. I love counting salmon. We have a sonar in the water and we review all the file s and count the salmon as the go up or down stream. We are averaging over 300 a day in the klondike river for the past week almost. Very good! Where we are set up we have an amazing view. Clear shallow water to watch fish go by, eagles and gulls all over and we have a very handsome loon who fishes the grayling there, we watch him for hours swimming and diving. The water is so clear we watch him chase the fish under water, very neat. He has even had the nerves to chase some salmon.
We are up and down and all around with getting our acerage. We have been waiting more than 4 months to get papers signed and have to wait till Monday, hopefully everything can be done, and finnished soon. It is 3 acers and all open. Has dog trails right off the property and is prety private. We got a good deal, since there is a big mess to clean, but we have started and are doing good. Because of being so far behind and now knowing when thisgs would work out, we will be living in a wall tent for a little while.
Picked up the marriage license today. One month to go.....
All the dogs are VERY happy to have the salmon back in the dishes everyday. Right now its the ymmy heads and guts for them, next month it will be the whole salmons for them. Spit was tangling her chain and no matter what I did we she was always tangeling up , so I moved her with Aho, and went to get a different chain to put Aho somewhere eles and he decided it was his time to be a dad and caught Qween. Not happy it happened but so far Aho has been the best male out of the litter, so I am excited to see what we get. I did not plan to breed Qween again till next spring, but....dogs will be dogs, and I will have to take a full time job to support my sweet dogs and pups. I am undecided as to what we will do and how many we will keep. probly all of them, will stay with us. She is due this month so will update when they come along.
I am very excited to be planning the new yard, and house! the house should be next year, small cabin this year. New dog yard and houses. I cant wait. I have been waiting 9 years for our acerage!
Well gotta run we are off to do more work. Hope everyones summer is going good, we have had a few frosts all really :)

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Shelley said...

I would've loved to see that Loon! They are fun to watch! Last weekend I was watching parents teach their loon chick how to fish and it was very sweet to see them feed him. Sounds like the wedding plans are coming along!